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Our mission is to teach, inspire and guide youth who feel disconnected from their culture.

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Set on a rural cattle station, the Cultural Horsemanship Program is run by Indigenous people who have the experience, knowledge and drive to help the youth overcome barriers and succeed. The program focuses on experiential hands-on learning, natural consequences, the development of life skills and being in touch with the land. The Mona Cultural Horsemanship Program is aims to encourage, enrich and empower young Aboriginal boys and girls, teaching them to respect themselves and to learn to respect others.

The Mona Aboriginal Corporation been in existence since 2012, within this time we have helped a number of youth in the mount Isa region and surrounding districts, towards their goals for their future.

Mona’s Cultural Horsemanship program

“The Mona Horsemanship Program is just one of the many Indigenous-designed and led community programs that nurture kids’ potential and provides a successful alternative to children’s prisons.”

-Amnesty International

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Herbert playing with his horse.

“Their program teaches young people skills such as mechanical training, meal preparation, fencing and yard building, and also offers Indigenous elements of cultural education, hunting, tracking and gathering.”


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Milking Cow

“We’re covering life skills, health and well-being for these kids; we’re 100 per cent Indigenous owned and run, and our mentors are all Indigenous people with local knowledge,”

-Patrick Cooke

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Campaigning for Indigenous rights

“Amnesty International Australia’s Community is Everything” campaign is all about ending the over-representation of Indigenous kids in the justice system.

Indigenous solutions for kids

“Tomorrow another kid will commit suicide, another child will go to jail, another generation will be lost. If we could save the life of one child, that’s a generation,”

Prevention and early intervention programs are the most effective in diverting young people away from detention and putting them on positive pathways.

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